War Measures Act

The War Measures Act was made by the Canadian Government.  It was made to let Canada have anything necessary “for the security, defense, peace, order, and welfare of Canada” (Cranny & Moles, 2001).  The federal Government of Canada could now have a lot of control of their country for the first time.  They could finally intervene right into the economy, transportation, manufacturing, trade, and agriculture production (Cranny & Moles, 2001). They had too much power to soon.

This act was placed when they were in a difficult spot with enemy aliens.  Canada put many restrictions on these people just because they were not from Britain.  These enemy aliens could be arrested or searched whenever, and most were sent to an internment camp in areas of Canada (Falk, 2006).  These people were treated with such disrespect for no reason.  Also, with the War Measures Act censorship was introduced.  The Canadian Government banned publication of book and magazines in enemy languages (Falk, 2006).  This act didn’t make Canada look very good.

The NSA and the War Measures Act is similar in many ways.  First, they’re keeping a close eye on civilians that haven’t done anything illegal or threatening.  Second, both look through information that should be private.  Third, innocent people are feeling like criminals in their own country.  Differences are that obviously the NSA is more futuristic.  I do not agree with what the NSA is doing because people of the United States are being watched for doing nothing at all.  I understand to be suspicious but not going through people’s privacy.

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World War 1 cause

World War l was caused by a death of a Crown Prince in Austria-Hungary,  Archduke Ferdinand.  He was killed by a member of the Serbian terrorist organization the “Black Hand.”  From that, a lot of disagreements started to come from different alliances.  Germany became involved first by giving Austria-Hungary the “Blank Cheque” (Cranny & Moles, 2001).  Austria-Hungary then gave Serbia an ultimatum, give us your terrorists or face war.  They took Serbia’s response as rejection and declared war on Serbia on July 28, 1914.  Russia thought this was all a German plot and started mobilizing their army against Austria-Hungary.  Germany declared war on Russia.  France was in an alliance with Russia, joined war against Germany.  Germany felt threatened, declared war on France.  Germany then thought they were the masterminds and they could come up with this plan “The Schlieffen Plan” without Britain getting involved.  They were wrong,  Britain joined war against Germany when they invaded Belgium.  That’s when the First World War began.

Canada became involved in the war when they’re good friends from Britain joined.  It was automatic of them to fight with the British Empire (Cranny & Moles. 2001).  Many joined for the patriotic feeling they had but others joined because they had no job at home or they thought war would be short.  War was thought to be a great and heroic adventure for the Canadians.  Canada’s idea of war was definitely changed by the end of it in 1917.

Canada joined for all the wrong reasons in my opinion.  They automatically joined when the British did even though Canada had nothing to do with the outbreak in the European countries in the first place.  Men thought they were being heroic but how were they heroic if they were leaving their families behind to starve and have no financial help.  I understand them feeling patriotic but many sacrificed their lives for an empire that wasn’t even theirs.  Instead of going to war we could have taken more of an initiative to become more independent and deal with problems that weren’t solved when everyone went to war.

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