All About Me

Hello, My name is Samantha Donald.  My middle name is Elizabeth.  I like Sam better then Samantha though.  I was born here in Surrey, and have never moved.  I went to Berkshire for my elementary school life.  I’m half Filipino and the other half is Scottish. My mom is Filipino and my dad is Scottish.

I have a family of 4 including me.  My mom, my dad and my little brother.  He goes to Johnston Heights as well in grade 10. And I wish I had a dog.  My family is a psychotic soccer family everyone plays it.  I play for the Whitecaps girls team. That’s what I do everyday except Friday and Sunday so it gets pretty tiring.

My favorite things are hanging out with my friends. Going to the movies on cheap Tuesdays.  Getting frozen yogurt.  Watching all my favorite tv shows like Vampire Diaries, the Vineyard and the Fosters.  And going on vacation.

That’s me