Aging population

Aging population present a serious problem in the developed world. Problems such as basics of economics, supply and demand, elderly require higher levels of medical care, and also more elderly (Yahoo Canada Answers, 2014). There will be fewer younger individuals paying the governmental system. There will be even more stress on the government. The birth rate has decreased a lot since the baby boom.

Ultimately, the economic system wants to be maintained. The solution for that is higher fertility rates. Population aging has been slow because of the large baby boom in previous years. The importance of policy adaptations is crucial (Population Aging, 2014). Developed countries are going to have to face having later retirement for production to stay the same.

There are opportunities that come with an aging population. Such as, baby boomers getting a chance for a second career, and new jobs (An Aging Population, 2014). There are many jobs that will benefit from aging population! These jobs are healthcare/patient advocate, fitness trainer, Personal health care aide, audiologist, senior move manager etc. Population is growing old.

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