Fall of Berlin Wall

Hello! I’m here at the center of it all folks. The Berlin Wall has finally fallen. Citizens are bringing out hammers themselves, I can tell everyone is very relieved and content. Here right now is one of the border guards of the Berlin wall, he said “I’m unsure of how to feel right now, we couldn’t control the mob of citizens. I’m glad to see them happy though.” Now with me here are two citizens from East and West Berlin.

With me now is a woman from East Berlin, how are you feeling at this moment? “Hi There! I can’t explain what I’m feeling, I have a mix of emotions going through my mind. But I know I’m filled with joy.” Do you think everyone is feeling the same, from both sides of Berlin (no longer)? “I feel like everyone has a weight off their shoulders, we now all don’t have to think as have a nation, we all feel as we are one again.” Thank you for speaking with me! Now with me is a man from West Berlin.

West Berlin was the democratic side from the wall, it was also the wealthier side. So do you think West and East Berlin will stay separated even without the wall? “Hello, well in my opinion we will all come together, I feel as though we were forced into believing in what our half of the wall believed in.” Do you believe in democracy or communism? “Personally, I believe democracy so I was lucky to be in West Berlin when the wall went up.” Are you happy to be united as one once again? “Yes, yes I am. I think we’ve waited to long for this, we’ve all deserved better.”

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