Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was unpopular with many people in the United States and Canada. It was unpopular with the USA because soldiers were dying for no reason and all of America at home was seeing it on TV. They were seeing all of the suffering going on in Vietnam. Many Americans turned against the war (Faulk, 2006).  Many moved to Canada and they were called draft dodgers.

My family and I are moving to Canada today.  My dad said we’re trying to avoid the draft of the Vietnam war, people who do this are called draft dodgers. I wish this war never happened or any war in general. I hope the troops out in Vietnam are safe and that the war can finally end. I also wish that my family and I get to Canada safely.

We’re now in Canada, and were staying in a nice little home. My parents went out today to try to find work. I’m happy we’re here because I keep seeing all of the suffering happening in Vietnam. I’m glad we don’t have to be amongst the protests going on in America. I hope we can settle here in Canada.

Falk, J. , Plante, Y. , Miller, J. , Figueira, M. (2006) Social Studies Eleven Student Workbook. 2nd Ed. Surrey, B.C: Hazelmere Publishing


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