The Cold War

The Cold War was given this name to describe the relationship between the United States and the USSR. These two never fought each other though. The definition for the Cold War is an intense political, military, and ideological rivalry between nations, short of armed conflict. The grievances from before between these two nations created a overwhelming sense of mutual distrust (History, 2014). They resented each other but never did anything about it.

Hello I am a grade 11 student living at the height of the cold war tension. The tension is real folks, both nations are dispising each other yet both aren’t taking it out on each other. For example, the United States are fighting in the Vietnam war to stop communism, why don’t you go fight your “enemy”, the Soviets? They’ve created an example for democracy and communism not to be ok with each other. Such as the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall is divided into east and west.

Many major events happened during the Cold War. Events that happened were the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary, and the Berlin Wall. They both feared each other in different ways. The Soviets feared the American’s weapons such as the A-bombs and the wonder of how many they had. The Americans feared the Soviets army.

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