Constitutional Monarch

Even though we have our own set of laws we remain to have strong ties with the United kingdom. Queen Elizabeth ll is Canada’s formal head of state. Canada is a constitutional monarchy which means we have our own constitution but also a British sovereign (Faulk, 2006). Queen Elizabeth never interferes with Canadian affairs but represents our relationship and history with the United Kingdom.

I think Queen Elizabeth ll should remain Canada’s head of state. Three reasons are historical, political, and convenient. Having a Constitutional monarchy has effected Canada in a good way. We are influenced by the culture of the United Kingdom, politically and they have helped us in history.  Our British ties are a good thing.

Historically, the United Kingdom has helped us have more of an active role globally.  If we never kept our ties strong with the British empire we would never be acknowledged for the good things we did in history. Politically, we have the same system as the United Kingdom. We all have a say in who we want to lead our country. Having a Constitutional monarchy is also convenient because they don’t influence our constitution. Canada has the Governor General to represent her and he or she has Canada’s best interest.

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