Weapons of Mass Destruction

At the end of World War ll, USA dropped two atomic bombs which killed or severely wounded 300,00 Japanese people (mostly civilians).  These events obviously ended the war from how destructive it was.  Weapons of Mass Destruction is a continuing debate throughout the world (College Street Journal, 2013).  Its overwhelming that they even need to be used.  Should the decision of using them be changed?

Will the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction ever be justified?  It’s hard to want to secure peace with such an intense violence (College Street Journal, 2013).  The aspect of knowing were killing our own race is daunting (College Street Journal, 2013).  The other aspect is knowing we might be saving lives in the long run.  The aspects all depend on the morals coming from the use of the mass destruction.

There are many different reasons that are for and against Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Many say the reasons for the use are immoral (College Street Journal, 2013).  At the same time the use can also be unavoidable.  The United States wants to have them in case of use but never want to actually use them.  Things like homelessness and poverty overthrow thinking about the making of a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  The use of these weapons should be pushed aside so we can focus on getting everyone back to peace.

College Street Journal. (2013). Weapons of Mass Destruction. Retrieved from https://www.mtholyoke.edu/offices/comm/csj/050401/weapons.shtml


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