Canadian Identity

           Canadian Identity was effected greatly by World War ll.  It was effected by many things such as economically, politically, and socially (Falk, 2006).  Women’s identities changed.  The Production of economy’s identity changed. The contribution of training for the war changed.  Conscription’s identity changed.  These identities showed Canadians independence.

           During World War l, the identity of Canada changed but not as drastically as the Second World War.  In the First World War it lead to the Great Depression which was one of the worst times for Canada and the world.  After the First World War it had a negative effect not a positive one like the Second.  The economy was a boom once the Second World War started because everyone who was unemployed got employed Falk, 2006).  Women then got more of a recognition then the First World War, they got to contribute more.

           The Second World War contributed to more of a Canadian identity.  Canadians established themselves in this war by making a huge difference during battles.  They would also fight independently without the British empire.  They entered the war because of the British and ended the war by themselves.  Canada’s identity changed in a positive way in the Second World War.

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