Migrant Mother

The “Migrant Mother” photo is one of the most famous pictures during the Great Depression.  It expresses the whole situation during the depression. Sadness, loneliness, worry, and hunger.  This picture could be taken anywhere during the Great Depression and it would show the exact same things going on.  This picture describes that time period.

This photo shows many different things such as loneliness, sadness, worry, starvation, and wonder.  Sadness describes the photo because everyone is jobless and starving and maybe missing their husband who is trying to find a job.  The “Migrant Mother” photo also shows the wonder and curiosity of when everything is going to get better.  They’re wishing for the best to come soon.  And of course, hunger.  The kids are looking for there mom for comfort to try and hide the hunger and sadness they’re going through.

This picture is shown to support US social problems during the Great Depression because the message they are trying to get across is to help solve the poverty.  Its smart to use this photo because there is a lot of sympathy by seeing the children so upset and mother trying to comfort them.  This photo also shows that the mother can’t do anything without help from others such as the Government.  Its smart propaganda towards other because it makes you feel bad and want to help.  I wish the government at that time could’ve helped faster.

The Migrant Mother Picture. (2013). Migrant Mother. Retrieved from http://www.artnet.com/auctions/artists/dorothea-lange/migrant-mother-nipomo-california


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