China’s One-Child Policy

China has a policy called the one-child policy. The policy is that urban couples are restricted to only one child. There are exceptions as well such as, a second child is allowed if the first child is a girl or disabled and ethnic minorities (Wikipedia, 2014). Another exception is if either parent doesn’t have any siblings. The policy has relaxed since 2013.

There are arguments against and in favor of the one-child policy. The arguments in favor of the policy say that it was created by the Chinese government to help social, economic, and environmental problems (Torrent, 2014). Other pros are that it lowered the fertility rate, government could focus on helping poverty, and public support. Arguments that are against the one-child policy are human violations, forced abortions, unequal enforcement, and birth tourism (Torrent, 2014). There are obviously more cons to the one-child policy.

The purpose of China’s one-child policy was to limit the great majority of family units, and reduce the growth rate of China’s huge population. Having the policy definitely decreased the fertility rate which was the purpose of the policy. The policy has dropped the death rate and increased the life expectancy rate (Fletcher, 2014). Overall, China’s natural increase has declined. I understand the policy but killing children is wrong.

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Aging population

Aging population present a serious problem in the developed world. Problems such as basics of economics, supply and demand, elderly require higher levels of medical care, and also more elderly (Yahoo Canada Answers, 2014). There will be fewer younger individuals paying the governmental system. There will be even more stress on the government. The birth rate has decreased a lot since the baby boom.

Ultimately, the economic system wants to be maintained. The solution for that is higher fertility rates. Population aging has been slow because of the large baby boom in previous years. The importance of policy adaptations is crucial (Population Aging, 2014). Developed countries are going to have to face having later retirement for production to stay the same.

There are opportunities that come with an aging population. Such as, baby boomers getting a chance for a second career, and new jobs (An Aging Population, 2014). There are many jobs that will benefit from aging population! These jobs are healthcare/patient advocate, fitness trainer, Personal health care aide, audiologist, senior move manager etc. Population is growing old.

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Fall of Berlin Wall

Hello! I’m here at the center of it all folks. The Berlin Wall has finally fallen. Citizens are bringing out hammers themselves, I can tell everyone is very relieved and content. Here right now is one of the border guards of the Berlin wall, he said “I’m unsure of how to feel right now, we couldn’t control the mob of citizens. I’m glad to see them happy though.” Now with me here are two citizens from East and West Berlin.

With me now is a woman from East Berlin, how are you feeling at this moment? “Hi There! I can’t explain what I’m feeling, I have a mix of emotions going through my mind. But I know I’m filled with joy.” Do you think everyone is feeling the same, from both sides of Berlin (no longer)? “I feel like everyone has a weight off their shoulders, we now all don’t have to think as have a nation, we all feel as we are one again.” Thank you for speaking with me! Now with me is a man from West Berlin.

West Berlin was the democratic side from the wall, it was also the wealthier side. So do you think West and East Berlin will stay separated even without the wall? “Hello, well in my opinion we will all come together, I feel as though we were forced into believing in what our half of the wall believed in.” Do you believe in democracy or communism? “Personally, I believe democracy so I was lucky to be in West Berlin when the wall went up.” Are you happy to be united as one once again? “Yes, yes I am. I think we’ve waited to long for this, we’ve all deserved better.”

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Constitutional Monarch

Even though we have our own set of laws we remain to have strong ties with the United kingdom. Queen Elizabeth ll is Canada’s formal head of state. Canada is a constitutional monarchy which means we have our own constitution but also a British sovereign (Faulk, 2006). Queen Elizabeth never interferes with Canadian affairs but represents our relationship and history with the United Kingdom.

I think Queen Elizabeth ll should remain Canada’s head of state. Three reasons are historical, political, and convenient. Having a Constitutional monarchy has effected Canada in a good way. We are influenced by the culture of the United Kingdom, politically and they have helped us in history.  Our British ties are a good thing.

Historically, the United Kingdom has helped us have more of an active role globally.  If we never kept our ties strong with the British empire we would never be acknowledged for the good things we did in history. Politically, we have the same system as the United Kingdom. We all have a say in who we want to lead our country. Having a Constitutional monarchy is also convenient because they don’t influence our constitution. Canada has the Governor General to represent her and he or she has Canada’s best interest.

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The Cold War

The Cold War was given this name to describe the relationship between the United States and the USSR. These two never fought each other though. The definition for the Cold War is an intense political, military, and ideological rivalry between nations, short of armed conflict. The grievances from before between these two nations created a overwhelming sense of mutual distrust (History, 2014). They resented each other but never did anything about it.

Hello I am a grade 11 student living at the height of the cold war tension. The tension is real folks, both nations are dispising each other yet both aren’t taking it out on each other. For example, the United States are fighting in the Vietnam war to stop communism, why don’t you go fight your “enemy”, the Soviets? They’ve created an example for democracy and communism not to be ok with each other. Such as the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall is divided into east and west.

Many major events happened during the Cold War. Events that happened were the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary, and the Berlin Wall. They both feared each other in different ways. The Soviets feared the American’s weapons such as the A-bombs and the wonder of how many they had. The Americans feared the Soviets army.

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Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was unpopular with many people in the United States and Canada. It was unpopular with the USA because soldiers were dying for no reason and all of America at home was seeing it on TV. They were seeing all of the suffering going on in Vietnam. Many Americans turned against the war (Faulk, 2006).  Many moved to Canada and they were called draft dodgers.

My family and I are moving to Canada today.  My dad said we’re trying to avoid the draft of the Vietnam war, people who do this are called draft dodgers. I wish this war never happened or any war in general. I hope the troops out in Vietnam are safe and that the war can finally end. I also wish that my family and I get to Canada safely.

We’re now in Canada, and were staying in a nice little home. My parents went out today to try to find work. I’m happy we’re here because I keep seeing all of the suffering happening in Vietnam. I’m glad we don’t have to be amongst the protests going on in America. I hope we can settle here in Canada.

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Canadian Society

Canadian society changed economically, politically, and socially after World War ll. Another thing that changed after the war was the incoming immigration (Faulk, 2006). Canada was very involved with the war because of their strong alliance with the British empire. Roles of many changed. Canada’s identity changed as well.

There were economic, political, and social effects on Canada. Canada’s contributions to war effort helped the economy to boom (Faulk, 2006). Canada established itself in a global role. They were looked at as a middle power (Faulk, 2006). The social effects were women having a greater recognition, Canada became a more tolerant nation, and they experienced a “baby boom” (Faulk, 2006).

Immigration after the war was at a high for Canada.  In 1947, Halifax officially reopened Pier 21 (Faulk, 2006).  Pier 21 processed approximately 48,000 war brides and 22,000 children (Faulk, 2006). In addition to all of that immigration, over 500,000 other newcomers at Pier 21. This included refugees and many displaced people (Faulk, 2006).

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

At the end of World War ll, USA dropped two atomic bombs which killed or severely wounded 300,00 Japanese people (mostly civilians).  These events obviously ended the war from how destructive it was.  Weapons of Mass Destruction is a continuing debate throughout the world (College Street Journal, 2013).  Its overwhelming that they even need to be used.  Should the decision of using them be changed?

Will the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction ever be justified?  It’s hard to want to secure peace with such an intense violence (College Street Journal, 2013).  The aspect of knowing were killing our own race is daunting (College Street Journal, 2013).  The other aspect is knowing we might be saving lives in the long run.  The aspects all depend on the morals coming from the use of the mass destruction.

There are many different reasons that are for and against Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Many say the reasons for the use are immoral (College Street Journal, 2013).  At the same time the use can also be unavoidable.  The United States wants to have them in case of use but never want to actually use them.  Things like homelessness and poverty overthrow thinking about the making of a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  The use of these weapons should be pushed aside so we can focus on getting everyone back to peace.

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 Canadian Identity

           Canadian Identity was effected greatly by World War ll.  It was effected by many things such as economically, politically, and socially (Falk, 2006).  Women’s identities changed.  The Production of economy’s identity changed. The contribution of training for the war changed.  Conscription’s identity changed.  These identities showed Canadians independence.

           During World War l, the identity of Canada changed but not as drastically as the Second World War.  In the First World War it lead to the Great Depression which was one of the worst times for Canada and the world.  After the First World War it had a negative effect not a positive one like the Second.  The economy was a boom once the Second World War started because everyone who was unemployed got employed Falk, 2006).  Women then got more of a recognition then the First World War, they got to contribute more.

           The Second World War contributed to more of a Canadian identity.  Canadians established themselves in this war by making a huge difference during battles.  They would also fight independently without the British empire.  They entered the war because of the British and ended the war by themselves.  Canada’s identity changed in a positive way in the Second World War.

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Migrant Mother

The “Migrant Mother” photo is one of the most famous pictures during the Great Depression.  It expresses the whole situation during the depression. Sadness, loneliness, worry, and hunger.  This picture could be taken anywhere during the Great Depression and it would show the exact same things going on.  This picture describes that time period.

This photo shows many different things such as loneliness, sadness, worry, starvation, and wonder.  Sadness describes the photo because everyone is jobless and starving and maybe missing their husband who is trying to find a job.  The “Migrant Mother” photo also shows the wonder and curiosity of when everything is going to get better.  They’re wishing for the best to come soon.  And of course, hunger.  The kids are looking for there mom for comfort to try and hide the hunger and sadness they’re going through.

This picture is shown to support US social problems during the Great Depression because the message they are trying to get across is to help solve the poverty.  Its smart to use this photo because there is a lot of sympathy by seeing the children so upset and mother trying to comfort them.  This photo also shows that the mother can’t do anything without help from others such as the Government.  Its smart propaganda towards other because it makes you feel bad and want to help.  I wish the government at that time could’ve helped faster.

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